I am an interdisciplinary artist. I sniff out, paw at, bite on, and then finally, work in many divergent art concentrations. Switching up media and trying new things is part of my art DNA. For all the variety within my practice, sketchbook drawing is consistently at its core. Recurring symbols of teeth, tongues, vermin, and domesticated animals are echoed across other media as signifiers of consumption and primal urges. These symbols continue in my print and installation work where I value the power of dissemination and the surreal nature of multiplicity.

My cherished immoderation is a never-ending intake of popular culture and mass media where I stack cartoons, news coverage, contemporary art, and Kardashians in the same headspace. With my overconsumption of media, I find hordes of detritus, advertising onslaughts, and seas of glowing screens – combined with the go-go-go impetus to maneuver through it all – aesthetically and emotionally appealing. Here lies my obsessive interest with propaganda. We are all unable to escape an invisible, ubiquitous persuasion tactic that knows us better than we know ourselves. Propaganda values our time, attention, opinion, vote, money, and collective power. It always follows us, relentlessly nipping at our desires, instincts, and fears. And I like that.

Roger O. Jr