Selected Works

In Pursuit of a Circle literally began with a smile. A smiley-face was converted to AutoCAD into a CNC routing machine outfitted with a custom inch and half paintbrush. All of the robotic movements were automated including the brush's speed, depth, and rotation. This project was made at the TechShop San Jose in conjunction with their artist in residence program and consists of eighteen individual works.

In Pursuit of a Circle
India-ink on Rives BFK with rubber-stamped, printed elements 
22" x 30" (each)

Video of Process for In Pursuit of a Circle


Red Room is a found-object installation made with responding series of prints.

Redd Room
Channel Letters, Vinyl Upholstery, Wood, Foam, Lights, Lithography, Screen Print, Paint-pen, Pastel 
Prints: 15” x 22” each
San Jose, CA

More Images of Red Room

-1 copy 2.jpg

Summer Scroll
Gauche, Paint, Pastel, Charcoal, Packaging Paper
6.5 inches x 180 feet

Summer Scroll Video!


As Viewed Through a Firehose is ten 30x30 prints on BFK. Screen print ink contains red phosphorus which is used on matchboxes to ignite matches. Prints were dipped in kerosene.

As Viewed Through a Firehose
Screen Print on BFK, Red Phosphorus, Kerosene, Dye, Matches
30” x 30” each
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

More Images Of As Viewed Through a Firehose!