Recology S.F.

Weight of it All is a solo gallery show following a four-month Student Artist in Residence at Recology, San Francisco, CA. Recology is a unique program where artists work on-site with materials scavenged at the city dump. All the artworks in this show reference the mammoth pile mined for materials and speak to over-consumption (as action) and addiction (as condition).

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Deserves a Second Chance is a drawing-installation where a non-operational fan was rescued from the dump and commemorated with charcoal and pastel drawings on found paper circles. This fan was then repaired to working order. During the installation, the fan blew air upon its own image, making the individual circles flutter.

Deserves a Second Chance
Charcoal, Pastel, Paper, Fan, Screws, Magnets
Paper circles - 8” each, Installation - 80” by 60”

A Pile for a While is 50 drawings on transparency within an interactive light box installation. Audience can take individual drawings and pile them onto light box.

A Pile for a While
Transparency sheets, paint-pen, wood, electrical lighting, screws, animation

Animation of Drawings

These bad luck charms are paper mache made from losing lottery tickets and scratchers.

Bad Luck Charms
Paper Mache

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One Big Bite: Minding P's but Rarely Q's is a stylized, red-toothed mouth chewing letters. This installation was made from several different found items: red-upholstered diner benches from a well known SF diner, and red channel letters from two different restaurants. All materials Installed with: "L" brackets, screws, and powered with DC ballasts.

One Big Bite: Minding P’s but Rarely Q’s
Various Materials
13 feet by 8 feet

McDuck Vs Pachinko is a deconstructed, antique Pachinko gambling game machine from Japan. Scrooge McDuck was drawn directly onto Pachinko face glass with found enamel paint. All parts including nails and wood splinters were included in this work.

McDuck Vs Pachinko
Deconstructed Pachinko Machine and Drawing
3ft x 5ft x 3ft

Promised Myself I Would Not Make Assemblage is a tiny gold frame with stock images, a plastic box, and a gold-painted human tooth.

Promised Myself I Would Not Make Assemblage
Various Materials
4” x 3” x 3”