Held in conjunction with a four-month residency at Recology San Francisco, a unique program where artists work on-site with materials scavenged from the city dump, this drawing-installation used found materials from San Francisco's refuse stream. A clunky fan was rescued and then commemorated with charcoal and pastel on found paper circles (8 inches in diameter). For the duration of the show the fan blew air upon its own idolatrized image which made the individual circles flutter in the breeze. ________ Deserves a Second Chance strives to confirm that second chances are indeed rare, and if we are lucky enough to get a moment of redemption – it is then customary to dance in the winds of dignity.

________ Deserves a Second Chance; charcoal and pastel on paper, fan, screws, magnets; 60 inches x 80 inches; Recology SF, 2015